MB3 & Deep Space at SL SCIFI EXPO 2021!

MoonBase 3 will be exhibiting at this years SL SCIFI EXPO from October 8 – 17. Come on down and see our exhibit – We will be showing off several new products in our catalogue as well as some exclusives!

The MoonBase 3 Exhibit at SL SCIFI EXPO 2021

You can reach our Exhibit by using the event teleporter from Deep Space Hub, which will be available for the duration of the event.

With the SL SCIFI EXPO we are releasing several new products to our Marketplace Catalogue, as well as a few exclusive items that will be debuting in our Exhibit.

At MB3 we’ve been hard at work developing a new line of Water-Based Cryo Pods, new avatar accessories, hydroponic systems, and more. Take a look at the Gallery below for a sneak peek at some of these new items!

We hope to see you all at the Expo!

Into The Depths

Our brave MB3 soldiers have been running offensive operations into the lower sectors of the station. Also known as “Engineering”, this sector is what is essentially the final frontier on MB3. But liberating this zone for our own purposes is no small task. Most of the sector is in a dilapidated state, with all manner of hostile entities overrunning it.

The Men & Women of MB3 Security have their work cut out for them. We are hoping that in the coming months they’ll be able to offer safer passage into this zone. MB3 Security is currently seeking new Recruits to assist them in their efforts.

Below is a gallery with pictures of some of the areas that have been discovered in the depths of the Engineering Sector.

MB3 & Deep Space at Sci-Fi Con 13

Beginning May 13th MoonBase 3 will be exhibiting at the Sci-Fi Convention Relay For Life. We’ll be showing off many of our creations in 4 unique settings! Teleporters to our exhibits have now been added to the Deep Space Hub for easy access. Come on by and visit our exhibits. We hope to see you there!

Convention teleporters are now active and ready for use in our Deep Space Hub. Come visit us and see our exhibits for yourself!

Product Update

Our Scientific Workstation has been updated with it’s own set of Bento Animations. You can now use the Computer Keyboard & the Autoclave in addition to the Microscope. For those of you who might already own a previous version of the Workstation, you can receive this update FREE by using the re-delivery option on our SL Marketplace Store.

MB3 Distribution – New Stock of Fresh Brains!

MB3 has just received a new supply of fresh brains. We have interfaced them with a cybernetic harness that is our own patented technology.

The Brain is stored in an air tight containment jar where it is fed oxygen and other nutrients from a series of tubes that run from the shoulder harness. The harness itself also acts as a linkup between the brain and your spinal column and central nervous system.

The Brains are sourced ethically and sustainably in-world from our Research Laboratories at MoonBase 3.

Available Now in 6 color variants on our Marketplace Store

MB3 Research Sector Expansion 2

Our Research Sector has undergone an additional major expansion.

  • 2 New Private Lab levels have been added with over a dozen new Lab Spaces available for use by our Researchers. These Lab Spaces are leasable.
  • The Open Labs have been completed with the addition of the new Cryogenics Labs. These new facilities can also be quickly accessed by Security Personnel using the express elevator.

The following is a Speedlapse video of this immense undertaking which took a month to complete, condensed down to just 6 minutes.

MoonBase 3 Turns 1 Year Old

A Celebration took place on our Space Station yesterday evening.

The MoonBase 3 Space Station turns 1 this year and we celebrated this occasion with festivities in the Cafeteria. There were Party Hats, Balloons, Fizzy Drinks, and CAKE!

Our Cafeteria was gracefully decorated by Felicia Ferraz Decor. Visit their website to see more of their showcases & where they can be contacted for decorations catered for you!

MoonBase 3 – Q1 2021 Newsletter

Words from our Ambassador

It has been an incredibly productive start to 2021 for MoonBase 3 & Deep Space. Early in January we all sat down to discuss some of our plans for MB3 in 2021 in the form of a roadmap. An open discussion was had on the ongoing development of these 2 projects and all that were in attendance had the opportunity to share their ideas.

We have high expectations for this year on how much we can accomplish. From new builds, mechanics, events and stories at MoonBase 3, to new and exciting Sci-Fi Destinations joining our Deep Space Hub. Our imagination is limitless and our work for this year has only just begun.

I want to take this opportunity to personally thank all of our supporters for their motivating words and for choosing to become involved with MB3 & Deep Space in one form or another. Thank you all for your patience as we build a strong foundation that we can all stand upon. The work that we do each day moves us closer to our destination. Together, we can reach the stars!

James Samiam
Ambassador for Deep Space & MB3.

Our Marketplace Store continues to grow

Dozens of new MB3 products were added to our online store in Q1 2021. Support MB3’s active development by purchasing our creations on the SL marketplace and leaving us your feedback.

MB3 Marketplace Store

MB3 & Deep Space will be showcasing at the Sci-Fi Convention this May

This will be our first ever appearance at an exhibition like this so we are very excited about the occasion. We will be constructing 4 individual showcases for this event that will be presented on several sims. If you are in attendance at the Sci-Fi Convention this May 13th-24th, keep a look out for MB3 & Deep Space kiosks.

For more information about the Second Life Sci-Fi Convention, visit the Official Website.

Deep Space has increased it’s maximum Destination Capacity

Deep Space now supports over double the amount of Sci-Fi Destinations than it could before. If you know of a Sci-Fi Destination or even have one of your own, please get in touch with us! Deep Space welcomes all Sci-Fi in Second Life to join us. And it’s free!

To learn more about MB3 and Deep Space Visit our Index

The Index is our solution to having reliable and consistent knowledge available to everyone.
You can access the Index from the main menu here on our website. Please be patient with us as we add content. In time, the Index will serve us as a deep resource.

MoonBase 3 is hosting multiple events every month. Come participate with us!

If you are already a member of our group in-world THE MOONBASE then keep your eyes open for notices regarding our Event Schedule. Our most up-to-date Event Schedule can also be found on our Index page.

Events are a great opportunity to touch base with us, keep active, and be a part of the MoonBase 3 & Deep Space family. Credits are a new currency that can be earned at most events If you are a member of either MB3 Research or Security.

Applications to join Research or Security can be found at the Arrivals Desk in the Security Sector.

MB3 & Deep Space was featured in the most recent issue of Grid Trek Magazine

Second Life’s Grid Trek Magazine recently stopped by MB3 & Deep Space for their March 2021 issue to take screenshots and conduct an interview with Ambassador James Samiam. A copy of the magazine has been placed beside the landing pad in Deep Space for your reading.

It is almost time now for us to move forever on-wards into a very promising and rewarding future for MoonBase 3 & Deep Space. But before we do that let’s take a look back at events which unfolded throughout Q1 2021 through the eyes of our image gallery.

Image Gallery Q1 2021

MB3 Research Sector Expansion

The Research Sector has been receiving state of the art upgrades and enhancements. These newly constructed facilities will provide our Researchers an expanded variety of facilities to conduct their work. Posted on Youtube we have a build timelapse video and a trailer. Thank you everyone for your continued support. Enjoy!

MB3 Security Upgrade

A major upgrade to our internal Security Systems has taken place all across MoonBase 3. This upgrade has been made effective to all sectors immediately. All current ID Wristband users will be required to visit the Arrivals desk in the Security Sector or the Reception desk at the Research Sector to upgrade their version 2.0 ID Wristband to the newer (and sleeker) version 3.0 ID Wristband.

Remember to wear your ID Wristband and use it on scanners around the station. This is done with a “Left Click” on any ID Scanners you come across. The ID Wristband that you are wearing will be scanned, then the system will either grant you or deny you access based on your own personal security clearance.

Original version 2.0 ID Wristbands are now obsolete, and will need to upgraded to the newer (and sleeker) version 3.0 ID Wristbands. Visit the Security Sector Arrivals desk to collect your new ID. Security Officers can assist you in migrating your version 2.0 security information onto your new ID.

Research Expedition to Planet Idun

This past weekend MB3’s Research Division took the journey to the newly discovered jungle planet Idun, set in the far reaches of the Milky Way galaxy. The planet features a full day & night cycle, dynamic weather, stunning scenery and of course, a plethora of unique flora and fauna for our eager researchers to study and collect.

MoonBase 3 & Planet Idun are real destinations that you can discover for yourself on the Second Life 3D Platform. Follow the links below to begin your journey.

Destination Link – MoonBase 3
Destination Link – Planet Idun

Our expeditionary team arrived on the surface of the planet at 1400 and they soon began their exploration. There was plenty to discover in the lush green jungle, including mysterious monoliths and strange ancient technologies. Though they were advised by local BluShock soldiers not to tamper with the unknown technology for their own safety.

The Research team arrived on Idun at 1400 and were greeted by members of BluShock Coalition, who operate an outpost in the region. They were anticipating our arrival and soon welcomed us and shared valuable intel that would assist our team on understanding the Idun Jungle.
Being largely wilderness, our Researchers sometimes had to use daring methods of traversing the planets mountainous landscape. A far cry from their usual day to day environment on MoonBase 3.

The teams main objective was to forage as much of the unique flora and fauna as they could and return it to our collection vehicle, which would safely return the scientific specimens to our labs for further studies. In this task, they were successful. Many samples were collected of various shapes and sizes and of different rarities. Credit payments were offered in exchange for these samples based on their rarity. Common samples were valued at a mere 1 credit, while extraordinary samples were valued at up to 5 credits each.

To learn more about Credits, visit our Index Page on the subject.

In conclusion; MB3’s Research Expedition to Planet Idun was a groundbreaking success. A large quantity of strange and extraordinary specimen’s were safely collected and returned to our state of the art Research Labs at MoonBase 3 where further study of these curious organisms can take place.

Perhaps in the future the MB3 Research Division can explore the Jungles of Idun again.

MoonBase 3 – The Months of November – December

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at MB3!

We have just wrapped up the last 2 months of the year. November & December were packed full events & new developments on our growing research space station. New areas were constructed such as the new Recreational Facility in the Security Sector. Social events were held here as well as in other areas of the station.

November and December was a time of increased social events

Christmas & Holiday Season Decorations at MoonBase 3
Lounge Decoration By Felícia Ferraz Decor

Our Marketplace Store continues to grow

Dozens of new MB3 products were added to our online store between November & December. Support MB3’s active development by purchasing our creations on the SL marketplace.

MB3 Marketplace Store

What’s coming to MB3 in the new year?

Everything we do at MB3 is inspired work and we wouldn’t want it any other way. There are dozens of inspired ideas we have that we can draw upon throughout the new year. Only time will tell what exact things the new year will bring to our station and how they will be realized in-world.

Further expansions to existing sectors, whole new areas, many more marketplace store items becoming available and new events are just a few things to expect from MB3 in the new year. There is no doubt in our minds that many great things are in store for us all.

We sincerely thank you all for your support and motivation throughout 2020. None of this would have been possible without our supporters. This is our final blog post for what has been an incredible year!

James Samiam
Ambassador for Deep Space & MB3.

MB3 Security – Battle Report

MB3 Researchers, Residents, and Visitors continue to enjoy their time taking in the atmosphere of the Planetarium, getting some nature time in the Atrium, developing new Technologies in the Research Sector and attending social events in the Lounge & Cafeteria. But unknown to them, a war rages on under their feet in the lower sectors.

Last week a Security Briefing was held in the operations room of the Security Sector where it was revealed another Intrusion by the hostiles was a strong possibility. Deep Scan images of enemy movements beyond the secure perimeter revealed that large clusters of hostiles were beginning to form up in larger groups and moving in closer to our perimeter. The call was made to place the Sector into Lockdown, preventing unauthorized personnel entry into the Sector. Efforts were made to build up defensible positions.

MB3 Security Operations Briefing. The incoming threat is revealed to the troops.
The Security Sector in Lockdown. A Sentry robot is put into action.

Further Deep Scans revealed that a bulk of hostile forces were being bottle-necked at a specific location in the Engineering Sector. MB3 Security formed up and made plans for an Offensive Operation. They would travel to the Engineering Sector and hit the hostiles hard in an attempt to cull their numbers in the hopes it would compromise their intended Intrusion deeper into our territory.

The First Offensive Operation was only partially effective in reducing the enemy numbers. MB3 Security was under-strength in the event and was unable to do enough of what was necessary. They also took on wounded, which reduced their fighting capacity. The troops were ordered back, and plans were put in place to repeat a similar operation the following day but with a revised strategy and fresh troops.

The First Offensive in the Engineering sector aims to cull hostile population.
MB3 Security Officer Lothí, fighting during The First Offense Operation.

On the following day a new Deep Scan revealed the hostiles were redirecting more of their numbers into the Engineering Sector, likely in response to our operation the day before. It was also revealed that another cluster of hostiles broke away from the main forces and was bee-lining directly towards our perimeter – which would likely result in a precise and deadly attack on our Security Sector sooner than anticipated.

The troops were mustered and the orders were to strike the majority of hostile forces in the Engineering Sector and cull as many as possible but it had to be done swiftly before making a tactical retreat and preparing for a strong defensive in the Security Sector, for we didn’t possess the manpower to run Offensive & Defensive operations simultaneously.

The Offensive in the Engineering Sector was explosive and the fighting fierce. Collateral damage was high, but the results were incredible. In only 20 minutes, the Security Troops successfully culled over 1000 hostile robots. The tactical retreat was ordered, and the rush back to Defense positions happened just in time to meet the 2nd cluster of hostiles as they breached the Sector. The Troops did not let up. In a matter minutes, the threat was no more.

The Second Offensive was Explosive.
MB3 Security Initiate Audrey fighting during The Second Offensive Operation.

This weeks battle is not an unfamiliar event to our station and to MB3 Security Personnel. The campaign to push back the hostiles and claim more territory for our purposes has been ongoing since the day we discovered this derelict station and set foot here. Find out more in the MB3 Backstory.