Attack on the MB3 Security Sector

MoonBase 3 Under Attack Poster 2

A massive attack took place in the MB3 Security Sector today. Fortunately, the threat was cleared by the Security Personnel that were on duty at the time.

It’s suspected that the attacking drones came down from the old engineering sector we recently began to dig away at. MoonBase 3 is built upon the ruins of the ancient MoonBase 2 station and as such, there are areas which haven’t been touched for centuries. Taking back that sector won’t be as simple as we anticipated, it seems.

The fight took place on the second level of the Security Sector with almost the entire Security Force fighting tooth and nail to hold the line. Engineer Rahl was resourceful, and planted a C4 charge at the invaders point of entry. This caused a collapse in the elevator shaft, preventing further assaults.. for now.

Shoutout to the following personnel who fought valiantly during this devastating attack;

  • Officer Gummi
  • Officer Rahl
  • Officer Dru
  • Engineer Rahl
  • Lead Engineer L-1GH7
  • Botanist Lothi

Video & Screenshots of the event below.


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