MoonBase 3 – The Months of July – August

It’s been 9 months since we started this project and we cannot believe how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time. We never would have anticipated to have been this far into the project by this time. But here we are!

In early July construction began on the highly anticipated Engineering Sector. It’s been speculated that MB3′ structure is of unknown origin. It is without a doubt much older than the corporation let’s on!

Upon rediscovery of MB3, most areas of the station were salvaged and renewed. All but the Engineering Sector.. dangers and mysteries await those brave enough to descend into this derelict sector ::Coming Soon::

Also in July construction continued on the expansion to the Research Sector. We had some success with the build. However we felt it wasn’t quite adequate for the sectors needs. And so the build was scrapped, and we took 4 weeks break from the project to rest, recuperate, and find new inspiration for a rebuild. And we found it! In August the Research Sector was successfully built upon and expanded with the new Open Labs!

As an added bonus we have also began construction of a Moon Surface area that will replace the Moon Platform. Grab your space helmet and descend the maintenance elevator to set foot on the surface of the Moon itself!

Screenshot Gallery of MB3 – The Months of July & August


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