Intrusion at MB3

Several days ago our scanners in the Security Sector picked up a large uptick of hostile activity in the lower levels. The number of enemies were swelling and beginning to move towards our perimeter. Security Lockdown was initiated, and our personnel prepared for possible intrusion.

Security Personnel prepare for the next assault

Yesterday, the Intrusion finally occurred and our Security Personnel fought tooth and nail to hold back the avalanche of hostiles that broke through our defences and swarmed from every direction.

Security Personnel took on wounded, and were pinned. A tactical retreat was ordered.

The situation quickly snowballed out of control as the squad was pinned down in our HQ and took on a wounded officer. A tactical retreat was ordered as the situation grew too dire to turn the tide. And so they hastily fought their way to the maintenance elevator on the 2nd level and managed to escape with their lives.

The tactical retreat is successful, and all personnel escape with their lives.

The Security Sector is now largely overun by hostile forces, and is expected to remain out of control for at least a week as we run counter attack operations to thin their numbers and regain control of the sector.


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