MoonBase 3 – The Months of September – October

September & October continued this years trend by being very productive with more events and a lot more building focused on fleshing out areas of the station and touching up on details.

In Early September a large Intrusion event occurred in the Security Sector which created many opportunities for Roleplay and opened the way for new visitors to apply for Security and become involved. Later in the month we released over 2 dozen new products on our Marketplace Store.

In October a major focus was put on the Domestic Sector with the introduction of a new Lounge. The Atrium was also revitalized and remarkable improvements were made through the use of new textures and Mesh modelling.

A lot of great things have been happening at MB3 over the last 2 months. And with the entire year almost behind us, we are thrilled at everything we’ve been able to accomplish together!


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