MB3 Security – Battle Report

MB3 Researchers, Residents, and Visitors continue to enjoy their time taking in the atmosphere of the Planetarium, getting some nature time in the Atrium, developing new Technologies in the Research Sector and attending social events in the Lounge & Cafeteria. But unknown to them, a war rages on under their feet in the lower sectors.

Last week a Security Briefing was held in the operations room of the Security Sector where it was revealed another Intrusion by the hostiles was a strong possibility. Deep Scan images of enemy movements beyond the secure perimeter revealed that large clusters of hostiles were beginning to form up in larger groups and moving in closer to our perimeter. The call was made to place the Sector into Lockdown, preventing unauthorized personnel entry into the Sector. Efforts were made to build up defensible positions.

MB3 Security Operations Briefing. The incoming threat is revealed to the troops.
The Security Sector in Lockdown. A Sentry robot is put into action.

Further Deep Scans revealed that a bulk of hostile forces were being bottle-necked at a specific location in the Engineering Sector. MB3 Security formed up and made plans for an Offensive Operation. They would travel to the Engineering Sector and hit the hostiles hard in an attempt to cull their numbers in the hopes it would compromise their intended Intrusion deeper into our territory.

The First Offensive Operation was only partially effective in reducing the enemy numbers. MB3 Security was under-strength in the event and was unable to do enough of what was necessary. They also took on wounded, which reduced their fighting capacity. The troops were ordered back, and plans were put in place to repeat a similar operation the following day but with a revised strategy and fresh troops.

The First Offensive in the Engineering sector aims to cull hostile population.
MB3 Security Officer Lothí, fighting during The First Offense Operation.

On the following day a new Deep Scan revealed the hostiles were redirecting more of their numbers into the Engineering Sector, likely in response to our operation the day before. It was also revealed that another cluster of hostiles broke away from the main forces and was bee-lining directly towards our perimeter – which would likely result in a precise and deadly attack on our Security Sector sooner than anticipated.

The troops were mustered and the orders were to strike the majority of hostile forces in the Engineering Sector and cull as many as possible but it had to be done swiftly before making a tactical retreat and preparing for a strong defensive in the Security Sector, for we didn’t possess the manpower to run Offensive & Defensive operations simultaneously.

The Offensive in the Engineering Sector was explosive and the fighting fierce. Collateral damage was high, but the results were incredible. In only 20 minutes, the Security Troops successfully culled over 1000 hostile robots. The tactical retreat was ordered, and the rush back to Defense positions happened just in time to meet the 2nd cluster of hostiles as they breached the Sector. The Troops did not let up. In a matter minutes, the threat was no more.

The Second Offensive was Explosive.
MB3 Security Initiate Audrey fighting during The Second Offensive Operation.

This weeks battle is not an unfamiliar event to our station and to MB3 Security Personnel. The campaign to push back the hostiles and claim more territory for our purposes has been ongoing since the day we discovered this derelict station and set foot here. Find out more in the MB3 Backstory.


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