Research Expedition to Planet Idun

This past weekend MB3’s Research Division took the journey to the newly discovered jungle planet Idun, set in the far reaches of the Milky Way galaxy. The planet features a full day & night cycle, dynamic weather, stunning scenery and of course, a plethora of unique flora and fauna for our eager researchers to study and collect.

MoonBase 3 & Planet Idun are real destinations that you can discover for yourself on the Second Life 3D Platform. Follow the links below to begin your journey.

Destination Link – MoonBase 3
Destination Link – Planet Idun

Our expeditionary team arrived on the surface of the planet at 1400 and they soon began their exploration. There was plenty to discover in the lush green jungle, including mysterious monoliths and strange ancient technologies. Though they were advised by local BluShock soldiers not to tamper with the unknown technology for their own safety.

The Research team arrived on Idun at 1400 and were greeted by members of BluShock Coalition, who operate an outpost in the region. They were anticipating our arrival and soon welcomed us and shared valuable intel that would assist our team on understanding the Idun Jungle.
Being largely wilderness, our Researchers sometimes had to use daring methods of traversing the planets mountainous landscape. A far cry from their usual day to day environment on MoonBase 3.

The teams main objective was to forage as much of the unique flora and fauna as they could and return it to our collection vehicle, which would safely return the scientific specimens to our labs for further studies. In this task, they were successful. Many samples were collected of various shapes and sizes and of different rarities. Credit payments were offered in exchange for these samples based on their rarity. Common samples were valued at a mere 1 credit, while extraordinary samples were valued at up to 5 credits each.

To learn more about Credits, visit our Index Page on the subject.

In conclusion; MB3’s Research Expedition to Planet Idun was a groundbreaking success. A large quantity of strange and extraordinary specimen’s were safely collected and returned to our state of the art Research Labs at MoonBase 3 where further study of these curious organisms can take place.

Perhaps in the future the MB3 Research Division can explore the Jungles of Idun again.


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