MoonBase 3 – Q1 2021 Newsletter

Words from our Ambassador

It has been an incredibly productive start to 2021 for MoonBase 3 & Deep Space. Early in January we all sat down to discuss some of our plans for MB3 in 2021 in the form of a roadmap. An open discussion was had on the ongoing development of these 2 projects and all that were in attendance had the opportunity to share their ideas.

We have high expectations for this year on how much we can accomplish. From new builds, mechanics, events and stories at MoonBase 3, to new and exciting Sci-Fi Destinations joining our Deep Space Hub. Our imagination is limitless and our work for this year has only just begun.

I want to take this opportunity to personally thank all of our supporters for their motivating words and for choosing to become involved with MB3 & Deep Space in one form or another. Thank you all for your patience as we build a strong foundation that we can all stand upon. The work that we do each day moves us closer to our destination. Together, we can reach the stars!

James Samiam
Ambassador for Deep Space & MB3.

Our Marketplace Store continues to grow

Dozens of new MB3 products were added to our online store in Q1 2021. Support MB3’s active development by purchasing our creations on the SL marketplace and leaving us your feedback.

MB3 Marketplace Store

MB3 & Deep Space will be showcasing at the Sci-Fi Convention this May

This will be our first ever appearance at an exhibition like this so we are very excited about the occasion. We will be constructing 4 individual showcases for this event that will be presented on several sims. If you are in attendance at the Sci-Fi Convention this May 13th-24th, keep a look out for MB3 & Deep Space kiosks.

For more information about the Second Life Sci-Fi Convention, visit the Official Website.

Deep Space has increased it’s maximum Destination Capacity

Deep Space now supports over double the amount of Sci-Fi Destinations than it could before. If you know of a Sci-Fi Destination or even have one of your own, please get in touch with us! Deep Space welcomes all Sci-Fi in Second Life to join us. And it’s free!

To learn more about MB3 and Deep Space Visit our Index

The Index is our solution to having reliable and consistent knowledge available to everyone.
You can access the Index from the main menu here on our website. Please be patient with us as we add content. In time, the Index will serve us as a deep resource.

MoonBase 3 is hosting multiple events every month. Come participate with us!

If you are already a member of our group in-world THE MOONBASE then keep your eyes open for notices regarding our Event Schedule. Our most up-to-date Event Schedule can also be found on our Index page.

Events are a great opportunity to touch base with us, keep active, and be a part of the MoonBase 3 & Deep Space family. Credits are a new currency that can be earned at most events If you are a member of either MB3 Research or Security.

Applications to join Research or Security can be found at the Arrivals Desk in the Security Sector.

MB3 & Deep Space was featured in the most recent issue of Grid Trek Magazine

Second Life’s Grid Trek Magazine recently stopped by MB3 & Deep Space for their March 2021 issue to take screenshots and conduct an interview with Ambassador James Samiam. A copy of the magazine has been placed beside the landing pad in Deep Space for your reading.

It is almost time now for us to move forever on-wards into a very promising and rewarding future for MoonBase 3 & Deep Space. But before we do that let’s take a look back at events which unfolded throughout Q1 2021 through the eyes of our image gallery.

Image Gallery Q1 2021


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