Deep Space & MB3 Sim Closure

On January 1st 2022 Deep Space & MB3 will be closing it’s doors.

Our journey began back in January of 2020 and we will never forget the journey we’ve had together. Since the earliest days when MB3 began as a small outpost it was our vision for our universe to grow exponentially into something truly unique which harkened back to the old days of Second Life when freedom of creativity was king. It’s also been an opportunity to inspire others to create, expand, and share their own creations on the platform.

I wish to personally thank each and everyone of you who visited our sim and interacted with us and joined your Destinations with Deep Space. Without you none of what we achieved would have been possible. Together, we all did our part in supporting the greater Sci-Fi community within Second Life and inspiring creativity to anyone who crossed our paths.

Perhaps some time in the distant future MB3 & Deep Space can make a return to Second Life and serve the community once again but in new & interesting ways. Until that time comes, I wish everyone a safe & easy journey!

James Samiam
Ambassador for Deep Space & MB3.


1 thought on “Deep Space & MB3 Sim Closure

  1. I am so upset this is happening. Love the multie space areas & the others. I hope it’s stronger when it comes back. Gee it was just super, enjoy long as i can. :0(

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