Our 3 Sectors


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Security Sector
The Security sector acts as a firewall for the station. It keeps MoonBase 3 Researchers, Residents, & Visitors safe from intrusions by monitoring traffic moving in & out of the station. Security Personnel are posted here.

Research Sector
As a Research Station, MoonBase 3 offers prospective Researchers state of the art facilities. Private Lab spaces are available to lease in this sector should you require a secure workspace for your sensitive projects. A public Lab and a Cafe are available for Visitors to utilize.

Domestic Sector
The Domestic Sector houses all the comforts you would expect from a first class space station. MB3 Apartments offers exclusive private living spaces with a premium feel. To top it off, a Planetarium is available for all to enjoy.


MoonBase 3 – The Month of May

Another very productive month at MoonBase 3 came and went and with it came insurmountable improvements to existing areas of the station, as well as the beginning of development of new areas.

Roleplay & General interest in the station was at an all time high as we welcomed visitors from all over SL to see what all the fuss is about.

Our Unity project, now dubbed “Deep Space Hub” also saw an expansion and with it, many more Sci-Fi destinations have been joining the network.

Below we have compiled over 50 screenshots taken during the month of may. We thank you all for your support, and we hope you will continue to join us on the journey!


Attack on the MB3 Security Sector

MoonBase 3 Under Attack Poster 2

A massive attack took place in the MB3 Security Sector today. Fortunately, the threat was cleared by the Security Personnel that were on duty at the time.

It’s suspected that the attacking drones came down from the old engineering sector we recently began to dig away at. MoonBase 3 is built upon the ruins of the ancient MoonBase 2 station and as such, there are areas which haven’t been touched for centuries. Taking back that sector won’t be as simple as we anticipated, it seems.

The fight took place on the second level of the Security Sector with almost the entire Security Force fighting tooth and nail to hold the line. Engineer Rahl was resourceful, and planted a C4 charge at the invaders point of entry. This caused a collapse in the elevator shaft, preventing further assaults.. for now.

Shoutout to the following personnel who fought valiantly during this devastating attack;

  • Officer Gummi
  • Officer Rahl
  • Officer Dru
  • Engineer Rahl
  • Lead Engineer L-1GH7
  • Botanist Lothi

Video & Screenshots of the event below.

MoonBase 3 – The Month of April

The Month of April has been an incredible month for MoonBase 3. A new main hangar has been constructed – replacing the stagnant cargo area. The research sector is now in operation with lab spaces becoming available for lease. And our new security system is well under way with the release of version 1.

Roleplay on the station has reached a new high, with visitors from all around the grid crossing paths with the developing station and fast becoming inspired and motivated to get involved.

Now we look to the road ahead, and we hope we see you there!