MB3 Security Systems

MB3 Security Systems was developed for MoonBase 3 as a solution for controlling different access points throughout the station. All crew members and visitors are provided with an ID Wristband with Access Levels programmed into it.

Visitor’s to the station are provided with the Visitor Access Level pre-programmed into their ID Wristband. Crew members have their own individual Access Levels dependent on their role and sometimes rank. You can view the Access Levels on an ID Wristband by taking note of the glowing colors. Each color represents a different level of access. You can compare these colors to our Access Level guide in the image below.

Remember to wear your ID Wristband and use it on scanners around the station. This is done with a “Left Click” on any ID Scanners you come across. The ID Wristband that you are wearing will be scanned, then the system will either grant you or deny you access based on your own personal security clearance.