Research Expedition to Planet Idun

This past weekend MB3’s Research Division took the journey to the newly discovered jungle planet Idun, set in the far reaches of the Milky Way galaxy. The planet features a full day & night cycle, dynamic weather, stunning scenery and of course, a plethora of unique flora and fauna for our eager researchers to study and collect.

MoonBase 3 & Planet Idun are real destinations that you can discover for yourself on the Second Life 3D Platform. Follow the links below to begin your journey.

Destination Link – MoonBase 3
Destination Link – Planet Idun

Our expeditionary team arrived on the surface of the planet at 1400 and they soon began their exploration. There was plenty to discover in the lush green jungle, including mysterious monoliths and strange ancient technologies. Though they were advised by local BluShock soldiers not to tamper with the unknown technology for their own safety.

The Research team arrived on Idun at 1400 and were greeted by members of BluShock Coalition, who operate an outpost in the region. They were anticipating our arrival and soon welcomed us and shared valuable intel that would assist our team on understanding the Idun Jungle.
Being largely wilderness, our Researchers sometimes had to use daring methods of traversing the planets mountainous landscape. A far cry from their usual day to day environment on MoonBase 3.

The teams main objective was to forage as much of the unique flora and fauna as they could and return it to our collection vehicle, which would safely return the scientific specimens to our labs for further studies. In this task, they were successful. Many samples were collected of various shapes and sizes and of different rarities. Credit payments were offered in exchange for these samples based on their rarity. Common samples were valued at a mere 1 credit, while extraordinary samples were valued at up to 5 credits each.

To learn more about Credits, visit our Index Page on the subject.

In conclusion; MB3’s Research Expedition to Planet Idun was a groundbreaking success. A large quantity of strange and extraordinary specimen’s were safely collected and returned to our state of the art Research Labs at MoonBase 3 where further study of these curious organisms can take place.

Perhaps in the future the MB3 Research Division can explore the Jungles of Idun again.


MoonBase 3 – The Months of November – December

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at MB3!

We have just wrapped up the last 2 months of the year. November & December were packed full events & new developments on our growing research space station. New areas were constructed such as the new Recreational Facility in the Security Sector. Social events were held here as well as in other areas of the station.

November and December was a time of increased social events

Christmas & Holiday Season Decorations at MoonBase 3
Lounge Decoration By Felícia Ferraz Decor

Our Marketplace Store continues to grow

Dozens of new MB3 products were added to our online store between November & December. Support MB3’s active development by purchasing our creations on the SL marketplace.

MB3 Marketplace Store

What’s coming to MB3 in the new year?

Everything we do at MB3 is inspired work and we wouldn’t want it any other way. There are dozens of inspired ideas we have that we can draw upon throughout the new year. Only time will tell what exact things the new year will bring to our station and how they will be realized in-world.

Further expansions to existing sectors, whole new areas, many more marketplace store items becoming available and new events are just a few things to expect from MB3 in the new year. There is no doubt in our minds that many great things are in store for us all.

We sincerely thank you all for your support and motivation throughout 2020. None of this would have been possible without our supporters. This is our final blog post for what has been an incredible year!

James Samiam
Ambassador for Deep Space & MB3.

MB3 Security – Battle Report

MB3 Researchers, Residents, and Visitors continue to enjoy their time taking in the atmosphere of the Planetarium, getting some nature time in the Atrium, developing new Technologies in the Research Sector and attending social events in the Lounge & Cafeteria. But unknown to them, a war rages on under their feet in the lower sectors.

Last week a Security Briefing was held in the operations room of the Security Sector where it was revealed another Intrusion by the hostiles was a strong possibility. Deep Scan images of enemy movements beyond the secure perimeter revealed that large clusters of hostiles were beginning to form up in larger groups and moving in closer to our perimeter. The call was made to place the Sector into Lockdown, preventing unauthorized personnel entry into the Sector. Efforts were made to build up defensible positions.

MB3 Security Operations Briefing. The incoming threat is revealed to the troops.
The Security Sector in Lockdown. A Sentry robot is put into action.

Further Deep Scans revealed that a bulk of hostile forces were being bottle-necked at a specific location in the Engineering Sector. MB3 Security formed up and made plans for an Offensive Operation. They would travel to the Engineering Sector and hit the hostiles hard in an attempt to cull their numbers in the hopes it would compromise their intended Intrusion deeper into our territory.

The First Offensive Operation was only partially effective in reducing the enemy numbers. MB3 Security was under-strength in the event and was unable to do enough of what was necessary. They also took on wounded, which reduced their fighting capacity. The troops were ordered back, and plans were put in place to repeat a similar operation the following day but with a revised strategy and fresh troops.

The First Offensive in the Engineering sector aims to cull hostile population.
MB3 Security Officer Lothí, fighting during The First Offense Operation.

On the following day a new Deep Scan revealed the hostiles were redirecting more of their numbers into the Engineering Sector, likely in response to our operation the day before. It was also revealed that another cluster of hostiles broke away from the main forces and was bee-lining directly towards our perimeter – which would likely result in a precise and deadly attack on our Security Sector sooner than anticipated.

The troops were mustered and the orders were to strike the majority of hostile forces in the Engineering Sector and cull as many as possible but it had to be done swiftly before making a tactical retreat and preparing for a strong defensive in the Security Sector, for we didn’t possess the manpower to run Offensive & Defensive operations simultaneously.

The Offensive in the Engineering Sector was explosive and the fighting fierce. Collateral damage was high, but the results were incredible. In only 20 minutes, the Security Troops successfully culled over 1000 hostile robots. The tactical retreat was ordered, and the rush back to Defense positions happened just in time to meet the 2nd cluster of hostiles as they breached the Sector. The Troops did not let up. In a matter minutes, the threat was no more.

The Second Offensive was Explosive.
MB3 Security Initiate Audrey fighting during The Second Offensive Operation.

This weeks battle is not an unfamiliar event to our station and to MB3 Security Personnel. The campaign to push back the hostiles and claim more territory for our purposes has been ongoing since the day we discovered this derelict station and set foot here. Find out more in the MB3 Backstory.

MoonBase 3 – The Months of September – October

September & October continued this years trend by being very productive with more events and a lot more building focused on fleshing out areas of the station and touching up on details.

In Early September a large Intrusion event occurred in the Security Sector which created many opportunities for Roleplay and opened the way for new visitors to apply for Security and become involved. Later in the month we released over 2 dozen new products on our Marketplace Store.

In October a major focus was put on the Domestic Sector with the introduction of a new Lounge. The Atrium was also revitalized and remarkable improvements were made through the use of new textures and Mesh modelling.

A lot of great things have been happening at MB3 over the last 2 months. And with the entire year almost behind us, we are thrilled at everything we’ve been able to accomplish together!

Introducing our New Theme; Fic-Torian!

At MB3 we have been exploring a new theme for the Domestic Sector of our Space Station. We brought together Sci-Fi & Victorian influences and meshed them together. We call our new theme; Fic-Torian!

100% Mesh, High Detail, & Low Impact, our new Fic-Torian items are visually appealing and will suit many environments including your old homestead back on earth. The fine, intricate details will impress your guests!

Some of these new creations are now available on our Marketplace Store. Expect many more to appear in our catalogue over the coming weeks.

MB3 Intrusion – Battle Report

MB3 Intrusion was a week and a half long marathon event where hordes of hostile machines attacked the stations Security Sector. This proved to be a great opportunity for our crew members to get together to socialize and roleplay and have a great time!

The final day of the event was streamed LIVE on Youtube.

The extensive and relentless assault on The Security Sector continued throughout the last week and persisted over the weekend as MB3 Security Personnel and invading forces battled it out in the lower levels of the station.

Who are these intruders? Read the backstory of MB3 to learn more.

Civilian lives were at risk as they found themselves caught in the crossfire. A concentrated effort was made to ensure their safety by staging search and rescue missions and rerouting several elevator routes to bypass high risk areas. A New Defense Perimeter was hastily set up to contain these high risk areas. This left a significant portion of the sector abandoned, derelict, and without power. These areas became known as the Intrusion Zone.

Structural collapse caused by collateral damage in the Intrusion Zone.

While the best case scenario for us would have been to re-secure the entire sector – this was an impossible task due to the sheer amount of aggression and overwhelming numbers our personnel faced in the field during the earlier stages of the attack. Many were injured in battle, and our Infirmary was at maximum capacity. And so orders were to cut our loses and fall back; abandoning half the sector and setting up a Defendable Perimeter around the Intrusion Zone. From here, our personnel could more effectively ensure the safety and security of the rest of the station against the ongoing threat.

Many wounded soldiers were treated in the infirmary after fighting long battles.

Included within the Intrusion Zone was our Command Center containing highly valuable equipment. A specialist squad was sent on a mission into the Intrusion Zone to re-secure this vital command equipment needed to collect Intel on the enemy and more effectively communicate with our soldiers in the field.

Thanks to this specialist squad successfully securing the equipment, we were able to construct a new Command Center behind our secure perimeter. Results from a Deep Scan on the station showed a trending drop in hostile activity in the lower levels – indicating the enemy had suffered heavy losses and were possibly conducting a tactical retreat of their own.

Command Center back online!

With this Intel we estimated their forces had 3 days of fighting energy left. While this was good news, it was not yet time for celebration. It was a volatile situation and things could change in an instant. Order were to stay sharp and to take the fight to the intruders whenever possible, and keep the perimeter secure and civilians safe above all else.

The enemy attacked the perimeter in large hordes, wave after wave.

The enemy staged several large scale offenses against our perimeters in the final few days of the assault. But our Security Personnel being well dug into their new defensive positions were able to cut them down in large numbers with minimal risk to themselves. The tide had certainly turned in their favor.

Chalk this one up as a victory soldiers. The battle is won. We are all tired, but we will recover.

Intrusion at MB3

Several days ago our scanners in the Security Sector picked up a large uptick of hostile activity in the lower levels. The number of enemies were swelling and beginning to move towards our perimeter. Security Lockdown was initiated, and our personnel prepared for possible intrusion.

Security Personnel prepare for the next assault

Yesterday, the Intrusion finally occurred and our Security Personnel fought tooth and nail to hold back the avalanche of hostiles that broke through our defences and swarmed from every direction.

Security Personnel took on wounded, and were pinned. A tactical retreat was ordered.

The situation quickly snowballed out of control as the squad was pinned down in our HQ and took on a wounded officer. A tactical retreat was ordered as the situation grew too dire to turn the tide. And so they hastily fought their way to the maintenance elevator on the 2nd level and managed to escape with their lives.

The tactical retreat is successful, and all personnel escape with their lives.

The Security Sector is now largely overun by hostile forces, and is expected to remain out of control for at least a week as we run counter attack operations to thin their numbers and regain control of the sector.

MoonBase 3 – The Months of July – August

It’s been 9 months since we started this project and we cannot believe how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time. We never would have anticipated to have been this far into the project by this time. But here we are!

In early July construction began on the highly anticipated Engineering Sector. It’s been speculated that MB3′ structure is of unknown origin. It is without a doubt much older than the corporation let’s on!

Upon rediscovery of MB3, most areas of the station were salvaged and renewed. All but the Engineering Sector.. dangers and mysteries await those brave enough to descend into this derelict sector ::Coming Soon::

Also in July construction continued on the expansion to the Research Sector. We had some success with the build. However we felt it wasn’t quite adequate for the sectors needs. And so the build was scrapped, and we took 4 weeks break from the project to rest, recuperate, and find new inspiration for a rebuild. And we found it! In August the Research Sector was successfully built upon and expanded with the new Open Labs!

As an added bonus we have also began construction of a Moon Surface area that will replace the Moon Platform. Grab your space helmet and descend the maintenance elevator to set foot on the surface of the Moon itself!

Screenshot Gallery of MB3 – The Months of July & August

Research Sector Expanded

We’ve been hard at work cooking up something special for the Research Sector, and it has finally arrived. We have doubled the amount of explorable space in the Research Sector for visitors & researchers alike, new maintenance elevator access, and more. Visit us soon and see the changes.

Special thanks to our MB3 staff who participated in our trailer footage!