What is MoonBase 3?

MoonBase 3 is a new vision for a space station in SL that went out of commission in 2007. Over 10 years later work has begun on a new station. Welcome to MB3.



Almost 3 centuries ago the space station MOONBASE was thrown out of orbit by the early death of a nearby star. The result of the calamity was catastrophic for the station and it’s crew, who perished. As a result, the station remained inoperative in the depths of space for hundreds of years.

Over 2 centuries passed before the station was rediscovered by an out of bounds probing vessel. Upon this rediscovery, the ASI Corporation (All Systems Incorporated) believed it to be recoverable, and that it would be advantageous to recover this derelict station and restore it back into operation with a new crew and purpose. A zealous bidding war began for the contract, resulting in it falling in ASI’s lap. The MB3 Subsidiary company was founded and quickly took charge of the recovery mission.

The early years of this immense venture were very costly both to corporate resources and to lives; for the station was found to be overrun with all manner of mechanical anomalies. Combat action was necessary to fight back the hostile entities that had overrun every inch of the station.

Much of the original structure was damaged in the many dozen combat engagements that were made against the stations inhabitants. The recovery project was turning out fruitless, and many heated discussions and debates were had on whether or not the station was worth the growing costs.

But with continued persistence, the hostiles were suppressed enough for MB3 to make it’s claim to many portions of the station. As of today, 3 out of 4 of the stations primary sectors are under MB3 control. The 4th Sector, Engineering, remains under hostile occupation and attempts to seize control of this sector have been ineffective.

Once 3 Sectors were adequately secured, work began on repair of the original structure as well as construction on new livable habitats. Great strides were made in creating a living and breathing environment for the crew to live and work in safety and comfort.

MB3 today is utilized as a cutting edge research facility and is governed by the MoonBase Corporation, a subsidiary of ASI. The station is largely populated by MB3’s Research & Security divisions. Both divisions carry out their work in their respective sectors.


MB3 Our 3 Sectors Sept20

Security Sector
The Security sector acts as a firewall for the station. It keeps MoonBase 3 Researchers, Residents & Visitors safe from intrusions by monitoring traffic moving in & out of the station
and performing scans on the lower sector where the hostiles have dug themselves in. Intrusions are an everyday concern, and so Security Personnel are on guard at all hours.

Research Sector
As a Research Station, MoonBase 3 offers prospective Researchers state of the art facilities. Private Lab spaces are available to lease by private investors to carry out their work securely and privately. A public Lab and a Cafe are available for Visitors to utilize.

Domestic Sector
The Domestic Sector houses all the comforts you would expect from a first class space station. MB3 Apartments offers exclusive private living spaces with a premium feel. To top it off, a Planetarium is available for all to enjoy.

We have been hard at work on this recovery project, and have made great strides in breathing life again into this ancient structure. If you are interested in visiting MB3 and seeing it for yourself, you may do so on the Second Life platform. More information and updates on the MB3 project within SL can be found here on our website.