MB3 Intrusion – Battle Report

MB3 Intrusion was a week and a half long marathon event where hordes of hostile machines attacked the stations Security Sector. This proved to be a great opportunity for our crew members to get together to socialize and roleplay and have a great time!

The final day of the event was streamed LIVE on Youtube.

The extensive and relentless assault on The Security Sector continued throughout the last week and persisted over the weekend as MB3 Security Personnel and invading forces battled it out in the lower levels of the station.

Who are these intruders? Read the backstory of MB3 to learn more.

Civilian lives were at risk as they found themselves caught in the crossfire. A concentrated effort was made to ensure their safety by staging search and rescue missions and rerouting several elevator routes to bypass high risk areas. A New Defense Perimeter was hastily set up to contain these high risk areas. This left a significant portion of the sector abandoned, derelict, and without power. These areas became known as the Intrusion Zone.

Structural collapse caused by collateral damage in the Intrusion Zone.

While the best case scenario for us would have been to re-secure the entire sector – this was an impossible task due to the sheer amount of aggression and overwhelming numbers our personnel faced in the field during the earlier stages of the attack. Many were injured in battle, and our Infirmary was at maximum capacity. And so orders were to cut our loses and fall back; abandoning half the sector and setting up a Defendable Perimeter around the Intrusion Zone. From here, our personnel could more effectively ensure the safety and security of the rest of the station against the ongoing threat.

Many wounded soldiers were treated in the infirmary after fighting long battles.

Included within the Intrusion Zone was our Command Center containing highly valuable equipment. A specialist squad was sent on a mission into the Intrusion Zone to re-secure this vital command equipment needed to collect Intel on the enemy and more effectively communicate with our soldiers in the field.

Thanks to this specialist squad successfully securing the equipment, we were able to construct a new Command Center behind our secure perimeter. Results from a Deep Scan on the station showed a trending drop in hostile activity in the lower levels – indicating the enemy had suffered heavy losses and were possibly conducting a tactical retreat of their own.

Command Center back online!

With this Intel we estimated their forces had 3 days of fighting energy left. While this was good news, it was not yet time for celebration. It was a volatile situation and things could change in an instant. Order were to stay sharp and to take the fight to the intruders whenever possible, and keep the perimeter secure and civilians safe above all else.

The enemy attacked the perimeter in large hordes, wave after wave.

The enemy staged several large scale offenses against our perimeters in the final few days of the assault. But our Security Personnel being well dug into their new defensive positions were able to cut them down in large numbers with minimal risk to themselves. The tide had certainly turned in their favor.

Chalk this one up as a victory soldiers. The battle is won. We are all tired, but we will recover.


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