MB3 Security Upgrade

A major upgrade to our internal Security Systems has taken place all across MoonBase 3. This upgrade has been made effective to all sectors immediately. All current ID Wristband users will be required to visit the Arrivals desk in the Security Sector or the Reception desk at the Research Sector to upgrade their version 2.0 ID Wristband to the newer (and sleeker) version 3.0 ID Wristband.

Remember to wear your ID Wristband and use it on scanners around the station. This is done with a “Left Click” on any ID Scanners you come across. The ID Wristband that you are wearing will be scanned, then the system will either grant you or deny you access based on your own personal security clearance.

Original version 2.0 ID Wristbands are now obsolete, and will need to upgraded to the newer (and sleeker) version 3.0 ID Wristbands. Visit the Security Sector Arrivals desk to collect your new ID. Security Officers can assist you in migrating your version 2.0 security information onto your new ID.


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